How it works

Use of this site is restricted to approved advertisers with FACTS approved advertising copy which is readily available to the television and radio stations.

Intending users of the Now Media Buys Marketplace must first register via the “SignUp” portal on the website.

Buyers must provide the Key (CAD) Number of their FACTS approved advertising copy when they purchase and ensure that such copy is either with the television or radio station or can be made available within the timeframes dictated by the stations.

Short term available advertising spots are continually projected into the Now Media Buys Marketplace by the participating television and radio stations. In some instances spots may be available up to six weeks out from scheduled air time. Currently all spots unsold within 48 hours of scheduled air time are considered not available and removed from the sales catalogue.

For further information refer to the user instructions or use the contact form below.


How the payments work

Multiple spots from all stations are collated into the one shopping cart and prior to payment an itemised statement showing each item ordered and its net price to be invoiced along with the total, will be provided.

Payment is by credit card using the pre-authorisation system which ensures your payment will not be processed until such time as the relevant television or radio station has confirmed your booking.


How to resolve a dispute

Any matter requiring resolution should first be referred to Now Media Buys by using the contact form below.


Contact Now Media Buys

1300 730 879

Postal Address: 24 Gilbert St, ADELAIDE.  S.A. 5000

Contact Now Media Buys by filling out the form below. We will send a reply to your enquiry by email as soon as possible. If your enquiry is urgent please call on our Toll Free number shown above.